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  • How to use Ytmp4 to download Youtube videos?

    It's very easy, because our service is very different from others. We care for our visitors, we try to pass great user experience, we don't want to stick you with some malware or virus, - we have very little ads and popups, but there's no distractions, nothing dangerous, safe for work. If you are looking for a safe place to get your video materials - use our site, it's a very good place to spend time during pandemic. Try it out, our video to mp4 converter is very intuitive and straightforward. All you need to do is click (or tap) in the white box in the center of the page, and start typing some text, like artist name or song title. Our system will see what's trending on Youtube, and will offer several suggestions for the search auto-complete. You can select any of those trending suggestions, or you can just finish typing your own search query and submit. In any case our system will find a dozen videos right to your search request, and you'll just need to click on any of the videos to download the file to your device. Easy! All we want is for you to get the video and enjoy your life. Be sure, it's safe and secure! Https included.

    How to download Youtube to mp4 file?

    No tricks required, all is very simple here. After you've selected a video and told us about it and we showed you video thumbnail and the download button below it, the final step is to download video to mp4 file. For that, on desktop you can simply right-click the download button, and in the menu select Save Link as option. It will show standard save-file window, you can edit filename, path where to save, etc. We try to substitute the right title, but sometimes it's impossible. On mobile - tap and hold the download button until menu shows, in it select Download File option. Very simple. You can also just click or tap the download button, but sometimes video will start playing instead of downloading. Method with tap-and-hold (or right-mouse-button for desktop) ensures that you get the file from first attempt.

    Why my video starts playing instead of download?

    It's a normal browser way of dealing with video files. Some websites don't really want you to download their video streams, so they will try to insist that browser should play the video instead of downloading it. They just want you to keep visiting, coming back all the time.. Well, the paragraph above actually explains how to work around this browsers' behavior, and download video to your device. Simply use right button or tap and hold on mobile to save file.

    Can I convert Youtube to 720p mp4 file here?

    Yes, this is exactly one and only thing we do here - help users download Youtube videos to mp4 file and save them for future no-wifi access. After you submit the search and pick the video to convert, we will select the best video format that contains both audio and video (yes, lately many sites separate those into 2 streams, and then combine during playback, but users don't even know that). Some videos cannot be downloaded as HD 1080p or 4K right now, we are working on a method that'll allow us combine youtube HD video with audio track and help download HD video, but it's a complicated process.

    Is it safe to use ytmp4.download?

    Yes, if you're worried about viruses and malware, - we almost guarantee to have none of that here. We do have some popups and a bit of ads, but this is a necessity these days to support the website, support the background array of servers needed to process all the video info and help you get the link to save it to your laptop or desktop, even smartphone. In case you don't like notifications - refuse them, or go into your browser settings and find our site and instruct browser not to send any of them in the future. It is a very simple process, just give it a try.

    Can you process youtube playlists?

    Yes we can. Our search cannot find playlists on Youtube, but be sure if you copy playlist link and then paste it to the box above, we will present you with up to 200 first videos from that list. From there all you need is to click each video thumbnail or title and it will be loaded and processed to find the best suitable file download source. If you like another video - click that and process begins anew. We have reworked the way playlists are treated here at Ytmp4, now results are almost instant and download options are shown when you select the video you'd like. Before we'd spend long time trying to find all the ways to save all videos as files to your device even if you just wanted 1 video from playlist. Now it's much more user friendly, and much faster too.

    Is there Ytmp4 app for smartphones?

    Yes, we like this question, and yes, we do have an app! It's very good for Android and Windows devices, not just smartphones, but also laptops and desktops. Our app works on a big array of devices, including even Xbox and the likes.. All you need to do is click the "Free YTMP4 app" button on top of this screen and it will offer to install the app. You will need internet for this app to work, and that's all, pretty much. A browser is also needed, as this app uses it for interface. It is hence very small, occupies next to nothing on your device and of course it is free, needs no registration or signup. Check it out, browsers like it. Best is to use Chrome or Chromium-based browsers, Firefox doesn't really like the apps yet, but soon it will too. If you see no button, it most likely means your device cannot use the app functionality.

    Do you have a shortcut bookmark access?

    Yes, there's a mentioning of this above, and heres more info. Shortcut or bookmarklet is a link that has a bit of code in it, which when pressed grabs the address of the page you are on, and sends you here with that URL attached and ready to be used. It doesn't do anything else, but this it does well. It helps you to skip the URL copy-paste process. Simply drag this link DOWNLOAD MP4 to your bookmarks section in the browser. Then head over to Youtube and open the video you'd like do save to your laptop or desktop. Now press the bookmark button in your browser and see how you quickly end up here with video URL also already here. This will only work good on desktops and laptops, because apparently bookmarks are not something smartphone browser makers think important, so they made them really hard to find, and it's just a pain to use them on mobile devices...

    we hope you like our website, YTmp4 is happy to serve! 😍😍
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